Apprentices and trainees add value and drive growth

In a time where a wave of massive economic opportunity is hitting key growth industries across South Australia, businesses are employing apprentices and trainees to keep up with growing demand.


The State Government’s $203 million Skilling South Australia partnership is set to create an additional 20,800 apprenticeships and traineeships, and at the end of last year there had already been an estimated 4,000 commencements in more than 700 apprenticeship and traineeship qualifications on the Subsidised Training List.


This comes as businesses around South Australia recognise the growth opportunities available through providing on-the-job training to their staff. Apprentices and trainees in particular acquire practical skills which are tailored to the specific needs of any workplace – all while meeting the broader industry demands.


Employers are discovering that apprentices and trainees bring ideas, enthusiasm and a fresh approach which adds a new dimension to their operations, while also addressing the increase in demand for industry-specific skills and qualifications.


Businesses across the state are benefitting from greater State Government support to employ apprentices and trainees, such as;


  • More than 700 apprenticeship and traineeship qualifications added to the Subsidised Training List to provide your apprentice or trainee with relevant qualifications.

  • Less red tape for businesses seeking to employ an apprentice or trainee. We’re streamlining registration and working with you to remove other barriers.

  • Reimbursement of the cost of goods and services essential to taking on an apprentice or trainee.

  • Additional funding for Group Training Organisations to support businesses to take on apprentices and trainees, particularly in non-traditional trade industries.

  • Establishment of Industry Skills Councils to strengthen industry’s voice in skills and workforce development, to ensure that funding for skills and training is directly aligned to industry priorities. More than 80 industry representatives have been selected.



In addition, the State Government has implemented an advisory service to help businesses, large and small, navigate the apprentice recruitment process. We can help you engage the right person and offer support right up until their first day on the job.



If you’re interested in exploring the option to take on an apprentice in your business, find out more here or get in touch with an advisor who can help you take the next step.