Group Training Growth Incentives

Group Training Growth Incentives will provide additional support to Group Training Organisations (GTOs) that receive South Australian Group Training Program (SAGTP) funding. Where a GTO’s commencements exceed a baseline set at 2016-17 commencements, that GTO will receive an additional:

  • $1000 for training contracts in a declared trade above the baseline, and

  • $500 for any training contract in a declared vocation funded under the SAGTP above the baseline.

The Department for Industry and Skills will:

  • update the SAGTP guidelines to reflect this change, and

  • directly contact eligible GTOs to advise them of the commencements baseline that must be exceeded to receive additional funding.

Group Training Projects

Group Training Organisations are invited to submit expressions of interest for Skilling South Australia Group Training Projects that drive growth in apprenticeship opportunities.

The Department for Industry and Skills welcomes project ideas that can be collaboratively developed, resulting in apprenticeship, traineeship, pre‑apprenticeship or higher apprenticeship commencements. Potential examples include projects that:

  • extend the group training model to industries or sectors where it is not currently utilised

  • support targeted cohorts of individuals to access the apprenticeship system

  • offer GTO services such as recruitment, selection and pastoral care to direct indentured employers of apprentices

  • provide additional support to first time employers of apprentices, and

  • support the development of new apprenticeship pathways or alternative approaches to the delivery of apprenticeships.

For more information, see the Group Training Projects Guidelines and apply online or call the Skilling South Australia Infoline 1800 673 097.