Partnering with industry

Strengthening the future of South Australian businesses, jobs and the training market.

Industry Skills Councils

We’ve partnered with Industry Skills Councils to help shape SA’s future workforce.

The councils are strengthening industry’s voice in skills and workforce development and ensuring training investment is aligned with our state’s industry priorities.

Established under a revitalised Training and Skills Commission, ISCs are led by industry champions and representatives in:

  • Agribusiness

  • Construction, mining and energy

  • Creative industries, business and digital platforms

  • Defence, aerospace, IT and cybersecurity

  • Education and service sector

  • Food, wine, tourism and hospitality

  • Health, disability, aged care and community services

  • Transport and manufacturing

The eight councils each have a chair, deputy chair and members who provide us with independent industry-led advice to better inform decision-making in training and funding delivery.

Innovative training projects

We’re working closely with business and industry to co-design innovative projects We have expanded the scope of Skilling South Australia Projects to address the current workforce needs as a result of impacts of the global COVID-19 pandemic.


Funded projects will:

  • support industry sectors to retain, transition and mobilise workers

  • upskill and re-skill displaced workers for areas in demand

  • support strategic industry sectors to meet current and future workforce needs

  • boost regional apprenticeships and traineeships

  • increase representation of traditionally under-represented industry cohorts.

Discover projects underway

To find out what Skilling South Australia Projects we’re investing in with industry, see Achieving growth through projects.


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