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Defence leadership bonds built to support future

ACCREDITED: Nova Systems‘ John Godwin. Picture: Mike Burton/The Advertiser

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Expanding the skills and capabilities of the defence workforce in South Australia is integral to the massive investment being made in the sector, and that workforce will need strong and capable leaders, says April McLennan of the Defence Teaming Centre.

The Skilling and Workforce Director runs the centre’s successful SA Defence Industry Leadership Program (SADILP), now in its 10th year. Such is its success, the State Government has granted more than $87,000 in Skilling South Australia funding to subsidise the fees of 25 participants this year. The subsidy will help smaller businesses afford the program.

SADILP brings together emerging leaders from the Department of Defence and defence or defence-related companies once a month for eight months with defence and industry specialists to learn about the sector and build their leadership skills. They also earn a Diploma or Advanced Diploma in Leadership and Management. John Godwin was part of the very first SADILP in 2010, and says it set him in good stead in a complex industry.

“I’d done 13 years in the Navy (then) I joined Nova and moved to Adelaide,” Godwin

says. “I really wanted to build my network in the industry and in South Australia and ... to build on the leadership skills I’d learned in Defence.”

The program delivered in spades, he says: “It was a great introduction to the industry. I deformed friendships and connections that have lasted a decade and I’ve seen many of my classmates go on to very senior positions.” Godwin also progressed from his consulting position with Nova to General Manager Defence Support.

McLennan says the evolving program brings people together to form strong industry bonds. “This is about emerging leaders,” she says. “There is a great diversity in the room...which provides a great opportunity to increase networks and build relevant relationships. A lot of the participants may never (otherwise) get an opportunity to be in a3 room with these big primes.”

The diploma is the only accredited course run in Australia in the past decade that is customised purely for the defence industry.

For more information, visit the Defence Teaming Centre website.


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