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Training support for more jobs in games and screen industries

The South Australian Government has committed $140,000 to provide 20 young South Australians with an opportunity to explore their creative talents through the games and screen industries.

Minister for Industry and Skills David Pisoni who announced the new project, said it features work-based training, with participants completing a Diploma in Digital and Interactive Games or a Diploma of Screen and Media, to be delivered by the Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE).

“This is an exciting Skilling South Australia project which will support participants through an apprenticeship-like model in the creative industries, targeting digital and interactive games, and visual effects, which are two fast-growing sectors,” he said.

“It’s the first time this initiative has been trialled in the games and screen industries, where people can gain skills by working directly in a business relevant to the qualification, in a manner similar to a traditional apprenticeship.”

“These work placements will be for two or three days per week, for up to five months, at leading digital and screen businesses.

“AIE will provide each participant and the business with 15 hours of mentoring and supervisory support during their work placement.”

To be eligible, applicants must have successfully completed either a Certificate III Screen and Media, or a Certificate III Information, Digital Media and Technology course.

AIE Head of School Adelaide, Ann-Maree Davies said the project is focussed on providing pathways to students.

“We want to ensure that the students have a positive experience as much as the employer, hence placements will commence after the students have spent some time with our teachers who all have at least five years’ industry experience,” she said.

“Industry placements are either with employers in the games industry or with industries that have a need for simulation or virtual reality/augmented reality experiences.

“Students will be placed in an environment that both interests them as well as providing an opportunity to seek potential pathways once they have completed their studies.”

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