Meeting the skills needs for SA cooks and chefs

Thirty young South Australians will gain a head-start to becoming the state’s future master chefs and hospitality-sector professionals, in a pilot training project.

The project combines on-the-job training with a Certificate III in Commercial Cookery or Hospitality, delivered by the Quality Training and Hospitality College.

Led by the Restaurant and Catering Industry Association of Australia, the project will pilot a new apprenticeship training model; grouping sets of job-related skills to be delivered through increasingly complex menus, instead of the standard unit-by-unit approach.

Through the program, participants will gain a more complete skill set and accelerate opportunities for career progression, meeting employer needs in the hospitality sector.

The South Australian Government has provided more than $80,000 funding for the project including employment brokerage, workplace mentoring and engagement, with highly-skilled and experienced chefs who will support the apprentices in their learning and development.

Minister Pisoni and Sally Neville launching Cook project